Below some links to recipes or stockists of items I have found work well. Believe me I have tried all sorts. Healthy snacks such as Nuts, Dried & fresh fruit. Flapjacks, chocolate brownies, health bars, cheese strings etc. Below some ideas. But thats not to say, everyone is going to like these!

Its quite common as the dementia progresses to find people like to graze throughout the day, rather than eat a whole meal in one sitting. They can like grazing on bits little & often.

The challenge is finding food that can be left out. Food that is appealing, nutritious and high calorie content. Below recipes or links don’t all fit the bill, but are ones I’m currently having success with.

Snacks to encourage dementia grazing habits

Coconut Biscuits, while certainly not cheap, these are loaded with calories. A whooping 197kCal. And a great snack to leave out without drying or going stale quickly. Healthier than most, with the advantage of coconut which is credited with helping Dementia.  Moist, tasty and a healthy alternative gluten free biscuit. More like a small cake.

For a cheaper alternative you can make your own, with ” Once upon a chef’s”  great recipe .

Cheese straws  Waitrose own brand ones work well for my mum.They are moreish and easy to get through. And again snack food that again can be left out for a while with no issues. Easy to pick up and each twist is 40kcal, so a couple of these all helps. I have tried other brands, but most have seeds or are too crumbly a texture that is potentially irritating to the throat.

I haven’t tried baking my own, as not too confident. But heres a good link to a BBC recipe. Although I would experiment with yourself first to make sure not easy to irritate throat while eating.

Custard creams: who would of thought the humble custard cream would have so many calories. 67kcal each small biscuit. My mum quite likes these and again easy to eat without too much effort. They will also sit out for most of day without going stale.


Butternut & coconut soup.

This recipe can be changed to use any veg. Best with root veg, like sweet potato and parsnips, but also really tasty with asparagus. Its also a good way to get some chicken stock protein in, as my mother will not eat much meat.

I  freeze it in batches and then thin it out with a little milk after and reheat.

1/2 Butternut cut into small pieces and simmered in little amount of water with 1 x chicken stock until soft. Use a blender to puree. Put back into pan and add a tin of coconut cream.

It important thats its coconut CREAM and not milk or water. The cream is more condensed and where all the calories are. Plus tastes a whole lot better.



Cheesecake: This works wonders. Simple to make, literally 5 mins and no baking involved. You only need a few mouthfuls as so rich. For speed I often make the mixture part only. It doesn’t actually list the calorie value on this recipe, but i’m guessing its very high 😉

Banoffee pie: This recipe is a good one. It includes carnation milk. Again it hasn’t listed calorie content, but probably because its huge! About 500kcal per slice.

Strawberry mousse and chocolate mousse by Bonne Maman are tasty. Not too thick but full of flavour. If i have some left over melted ice cream, easy to mix into these to thin out. They actually go down better this way. More yogurt in texture and easier to swallow.

Haagen Dazs ice cream: Vanilla Haagen Dazs of course. I still think one of the most high calorie ice creams on the market. My mum tends to like just the plain vanilla one. She’s not so keen on any with bits in or un-familar flavours.

Yeo valley strawberry & cream ice cream It’s not easy to find a strawberry ice cream that is creamy ( not watery) rich in flavour, higher in calories but had no bits in. This one is perfect. And so delicious!

Other deserts, that work well on & off.

Eton Mess: Trifles: Rice puddings : Apple crumble/custard: Steam puddings/custard. Sultana sponge/custard: Bread & butter pudding/cream: ( one without too much cinnamon) Spotted dick with butter, sugar & custard: ( again not too much spice)


Hot chocolate’s: 2 tbs 1/2 water 1/2 whole milk with splash of double cream.

Mango smoothies: Mango juice, 1 tsp sugar, whole cream & natural yogurt.

Health Warning: Be careful, you are likely to put on the most weight while encouraging dementia eating!