Mum won’t eat & Dementia food issues

I wanted to share my journey with my mother, who has dementia. The blog is about the common problem carers find when their dementia patients, residents, friends or relatives won’t eat much.

My mother is considered ” challenging behaviour” dementia. Although this blog is not about challenging behaviour, it does make her eating issue’s harder to manage. And make our efforts to address harder.

I am hoping by sharing my story that you may do the same. If I share techniques food types and approaches I’ve found work to encourage my mother, others might find this and comment.

Every Dementia or Alzheimers sufferer, has different issues regarding why they may of stopped eating much. Its important before you attempt to encourage, you take medical advice, and make sure there are not serious physical or medical issues at play. That its not just confusion, loss of appetite, environmental, habit or food choices. For instance many suffering with chewing, swallowing or digestive issue, might not be able to express this. And to encourage with inappropriate awareness cause pain or damage. Or maybe psychological reasons they are determined not to eat. These issues need to be ruled out first. It’s a difficult decision whether to make someone at this stage feel they should be eating more.

In writing this blog, I no way want to give the impression that all dementia sufferers that are not eating are at the same stage, and for same reasons. It is an individual journey .Or that all dementia eating issues are easy to solve. It is a complex subject, when to encourage, at what stage, and how much.

This is just my story shared for guidance if you feel your parent needs a bit more support with eating. May have other health issues, be depressed or isolated and appetite gone, not like the food choices, struggling to understand eating etc. Where you feel they are enjoying eating and still engaging with life when they do get support. But just need some help. You may discover one simple issue , such as if living independently forgotten how to use microwave, and just snacking on cereals. If later stage maybe several issues they can’t express. They can’t cut or swallow certain foods well. They maybe in pain. Have digestive issues, be distracted and forget. You may discover a change in approach, environment, support, recipes could make a world of difference.

I will gradually update and make my site a little prettier. Add some photos etc. But for now just wanted to get it out there.

And please share your stories and any advice.