Dementia – Eating & motor skills

As my mums dementia progresses, I notice more of these incidents. It is the one of the things that saddens me the most. As through her dementia her co-ordination had always been quite good. Its not everyday, but comes & goes.

To see her confused about what to do when she lifts a spoon to her mouth is heartbreaking. She’ll hover with it, not realising she needs to open her mouth. Or put something in her mouth and not eat it. Just sit not swallowing or chewing it.

She will move food around on her plate a lot to, as if she is preparing or mixing ingredients. Not understanding its cooked and to be eaten.

She can no longer cut food up. She is very frail and has no strength in her hands or co-ordination. And if I cut it up in front of her she gets very embarrassed & defensive, and then refuses it.

It can take her a long long time to eat anything. Then only a few mouthfuls at a time. She easily forgets about food and gets distracted. Or she can’t get it on spoon and gives up. She seems to think she’s full after a couple of mouthfuls and says she doesn’t want anymore. But if I wait a few minutes, she forgets and then will often eat a bit more.

I keep presenting it. Make sure it’s in her eye-line. Pre-cut things, and provide small spoon or fork she can handle better. Lighter plates she can move easily. Although considering now, spill guard sides, as food slides off!

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