Dementia Eating & Medication

Dementia eating issues and medication can be an area that is so overlooked .

Obviously the problem with anyone with Dementia who needs daily medication is as their memory goes, they forget to take it. And the medication was for something that can affect their appetite, directly or indirectly this needs to recognised to.

My mother suffered with a thyroid disorder for over 30 years. In the early stages of her dementia she became very erratic taking it. This would cause her mood & health to swing all over the place. She’d forget to take it for days. She become very depressed, anxious tearful & tired. We hadn’t at first realised this. Also this would not help with her appetite. One week I brought her a pill box, with the days of the week on and dispensed them into it. Naively thinking that would sort it. Not realising at the time, she didn’t even know what day of week it was. Whether she had taken that days already etc. I ¬†returned 3 days later to find nearly all the week pills gone, and she was behaving manically complaining about a racing heart. She then refused to take , as believed ( quite rightly) they were causing her heart to race.

It continues to be difficult to get her to take her medication.

Medications & Dementia

As mostly elderly its very common for dementia sufferers to have an array of medical issues. And this becomes a ongoing problem if they forget or resist taking their medication.

Lots of medical problems can affect the appetite. High blood pressure, back pain, ulcers, gallstones, colitis, constipation, headaches. The list is long.

So I encourage anyone who’s caring for a dementia sufferer, who is not eating well, to check that they are taking it. If any new medication has been given that might be affecting them . Or too little or accidentally taking too much is not part of the issue.

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