Dementia plates

There are specialised dementia plates to encouraging eating .

They are usually strong colours But others are white with a colour band to define the edge of the plate against tables. This is because with some forms or stages of dementia perception can change. Seeing objects against backgrounds with similar colors is difficult.

There are also trials that have been carried out, that show colour plates making a difference to enhancing eating. Some articles say yellow or red, some blue. Or it may just be the contrast between food & background makes the difference. If you were to place steam pudding & custard on a yellow plate, I,m not sure it would help. My mother eats a lot of ice cream, and when presented in orange bowl I noticed she finished it and scooped melted ice cream too. However in white bowl she’d often leave as couldn’t see it.

Plate Guards are also a good idea to avoid spillage.

Picnic plates

My mum found the specialised dementia plates to heavy to lift with one hand as shes very frail. I also thought they were very unappealing, too bulky and very harsh in color. I found a selection of nice lightweight picnic plates in various colors and designs. I also found some good color snack section bowls in the supermarket baby section. And some smaller lightweight easy grip cutlery, with pretty floral pattern on ( which she loves). I’ve not really found time to decide if the various colors I present making a difference yet.


This is a tough one I haven’t solved. How to maintain dignity but still help someone drink without too much spillage. My mum uses see through plastic beakers and drinks constant hot chocolate and soups in it. It works because she can see & feel warm color fluid inside. She can’t see water. ( and not many calories anyway) .If I give her a stronger color beaker, she doesnt drink as much as can’t see whats in it or feel heat. I,ve not found anything that works as well and is less “hospital”  yet unfortunately.

Dementia Perception

Its a constant fascination to me, how perception changes so much with dementia.

I found my mother trying to bite a small white china plate, after I had given her a cream slice on it. She’d obviously had trouble seeing the white cream slice against the plate. It wasn’t something I’d considered. Another time, walking into her room to find she had spread chocolate mousse all over her hair. The chocolate mousse had been presented in a small white ramekin dish. This baffled me, until I remembered she had used a small ramekin to mix hair dye for her roots, for years.

Perception can also cause confusion around patterns. Scratching off a patterns on plates or cups believing something stuck to it. And apparently patterns on carpets can lead dementia sufferers to believe there are snakes on the carpet or its water.


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